Psychotherapy and Wellbeing


Wellbeing is not solely a physical consideration. Good health and wellbeing

operate on many levels. Wellbeing is your natural state.


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My Psychotherapeutic Approach is contemporary, outcome-orientated, and flexible.


Our minds and our bodies are not separate from each other and nor are our thoughts and feelings. We are complex, fascinating systems of interconnecting and inter-related thoughts, feelings, experiences, memories, and more.... that all serve to make each one of truly unique. These aspects of self come together in different ways in different contexts and when we want to resolve issues, solve problems, or develop new ways of being we need access to flexible and responsive therapies and change processes.

Wellbeing, the aim of any therapeutic intervention, can be considered on many levels: Emotional...Mental...Physical...Spiritual. Wellbeing is important for both your personal life and your working life,  and is an individual and collective issue which is why I offer services to individuals, groups and organisations. 


Emotion plays a huge part in our wellbeing.  Our own emotions can be powerful, empowering, and impactful and they can also be difficult, confusing and overwhelming.  

Some of us feel our emotions much more readily than others people do. and some of us may feel cut off from our emotions. Thoughts can be a dominating factor in our experience.  They can cause confusion, overwhelm, lack of clarity. Our Behaviour can also be an issue when we find ourselves behaving in ways that do not serve our best interests. 

Therapy can help sort out the confusion, identify the areas that need to change and create a system of thoughts, feelings and behaviours that support you to achieve what you want. 


Therapeutic Modelling is a methodology that I use to help you reveal the structure of your experience, to create mental (or physical) models of what is happening in a given context so that you can build more effective models, acquire or develop resources, and effect change.  This approach is the basis of my therapeutic modality: NeuroLinguistic Psychotherapy (NLPt). 


A key way that I facilitate sessions is through the use of Clean Language.  Clean Language is a method of asking questions and developing the client's undertanding of self in a way that seeks to minimise the undue effect of the therapist's own inner maps and models on those of the client. The questions can be used to explore the conceptual, sensory and metaphorical experience of the client.  Through the method of asking questions and paying particular attention to the client's specific information, client's metaphors come to the surface and can be explored and developed and can be an effective therapuetic process.

Internal Representations is a term that we in NeuroLinguistics use to describe 'internal experience',  the collection of thoughts, feelings, and activity in our inner experience of our mind and body.  These representations can be described in sensory terms - what are we seeing, hearing, feeling inside - and they determine our external behaviour.  Getting clarity about our internal representations helps us in relation to any problem we have, or any outcome we want to acheive. 



About me

I am a therapist, coach, facilitator, and trainer.  

I offer a range of approaches, tools and methodologies to open up new awarenesses and insights, new choices and options, and new outcomes. 
My private therapy practice is based in Melford Rd, Lawshall, Bury St Edmunds  in my own consultation room, which has good car parking and ground floor access.

I am a member of the NLPtCA which is my professional association for therapeutic practice. I abide by their code of ethics and as a client you have access to their complaints procedure. I am a fully accredited Neurolinguistic Psychotherapist, registered with the  UK Council of Psychotherapy (UKCP)    I also have a profile on the Counselling Directory: 


Qualifications and Accreditations

Accredited NeuoroLinguistic Psychotherapist

Licensed HeartMathTM Practitioner

Level 5 NVQ in Strategic Learning and Development

Master Practitioner and Trainer in Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Certified Facilitator and Assessor in Clean Language

Master Practitioner in Time Line Therapy 

ILM Level 7 Diploma in Leadership Mentoring and Executive Coaching

Certified Practitioner of Emotional Freedom Technique



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