Clean Language and Clean Space      

Clean Language Facilitiation

Experiencing a Clean Language session is like no other form of
facilitation.   It is like opening up your awareness of your own inner landscape, where you can explore your questions and desired outcomes in a way that is truly aligned with you. 
I work with Clean Language because I want your solutions to be aligned with what works best for you.   The Clean Language approach, created by David Grove, is designed to keep the facilitator's influence to a minimum and avoid assumption and imposition.  

The method is a simple but powerful approach and supports you to get real clarity, develop awareness and  to experience your language and concepts coming to life in an inner metaphor landscape.  

It can be a magical and insightful experience!   

One person's experience was:
" gave me a life changing distinction
enabling me to let go of a vicious circle 

and move forward with clarity..., " 

Clean Space Faciltiation

Discover that space has wisdom and intelligence to share with you!  In a Clean Space facilitation you are invited to find out more about your chosen topic from different spaces in the room.  Each new space provdes new perspectives and new information and a network of information and connections build and can lead to some extraordinary insight.   You won't have experienced anything like Clean Space! 
Ideal for getting clarity; sorting out messy thoughts; developing creativity; aligning inner conflicts, exploring topics and questions in new ways; and allowing new insight to emerge.
I started my journey with Clean Language in 2003 when I was training in NeuroLinguistic Programming.  The trainers mentioned the concept of Clean Langauage questions and I was intrigued. On one of the modules of that training I had my first experience of learning Clean Language  and I was hooked; and still am.
In 2004 I was lucky enought to attend the last full length, face to face, Clean Language training at foundation level  by Penny Tompkins and James Lawley.  They had studied David Grove and had developed their Symbolic Modelling process from what they had learned from modelling David's process.  

I now use Clean Language in one form or another pretty much every day, in the kinds of questions I ask or or in applying the principles of Clean Language.  I use it in my coaching, therapy, training and facilitation, as well as in every day interactions.  It brings a richness and clarity to communication that I haven't found in any other modality. 



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